4-2 (2019-ongoing)
19 1月 2022
Red 10 seconds No.12, 2019



The artist started to create 4-2 based on some of his video works in 2019. When the artist tried to present his work Red (2018) on a flat surface through film stills, the discontinuous film stills looked like some juxtaposed color scales due to the non-narrative nature of the work, which could not present the video at all. When the artist was trying to find a way to present a non-narrative video work in a two-dimensional space, he developed his way of using a continuous frame sequence – 30 frames per second, to show a period flatly. Then those videos are transformed into a minimalist or abstract look.

Opening Doors No.1-No.12, 2022
The Blue Danube No.1, 2021
The Blue Danube No.4, 2021
Red 10 seconds No.5, 2019
Red 10 seconds No.9, 2019
Red 10 seconds No.13, 2019
Red 10 seconds No.14, 2019
Red 1 minute No.2, 2019
Red 1 minute No.5, 2019