9 1月 2022

Artist’s Bio

Liu Renjun was born in China in 1990. He received a BA in Animation from the Wuhan University of Technology in Wuhan, China (2012) and an MA in Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK (2022).

Renjun explores the philosophical ideas behind current global sociopolitical issues and investigates the tension of relationships in his living environment. Believing that concept takes precedence over technique or material in art, Renjun articulates his ideas by transcending the boundaries among various media including video, installation, sculpture, and performance.

His practice is a spontaneous and experimental narration responding to his personal memories, cultural environment, as well as his cognition of space and time. Sensing the regulation and surveillance round about, Renjun’s exploration of his identity has been a struggle. He responds to the duress of rules with the play of displacement.